Mostly I go to the same area, a very diverse area with forests, heaths, fields and meadows. Throughout time I learned where I can encounter wildlife and how they move through the area. Where they keep up also depends on the time of year.

One year corn was on the fields. Much of the wildlife was in the corn, and although you could hear the wild boar making sounds in the corn, they barely showed up. Unfortunately for me the corn stayed on the field for a long time that year because the harvest failed because of an extremely hot summer.

In the winter period I mostly walk and hope to encounter something and hope that I see it before it sees, hears or smells me. In winter roe deer are less active.

Though spring, summer and autumn I walk less and hide on places where I hope I can take some photos from close. About 10 meters is close enough.

With roe deer, occasionally I succeed in taking photos up close without having them running away after the first photo is taken. On some occasions it looks like the roe deer comes looking where the (camera) sound is coming from. Some continue doing what a roe deer does, others run away and some of them even look back from a safe distance.

Wildlife in the area where I come is wild and afraid of humans. Flights with the least disruption. This makes photographing them a nice challenge.

What I like about photographing wildlife is that I depend on many factors that I have little or no influence on. Furthermore, it is a fun way to learn about the behavior of wildlife.