Fallow deer and roe deer together in the photo.

A fallow deer together in the photo with two roe deer.
The remarkable thing about this photo is that fallow deer do not occur in the area where this photo was taken.
The fallow deer has probably escaped or has been released.

A red fox suddenly appears.

While photographing a roe deer goat with two calves a red fox appears in the frame not being aware of me standing there. The awareness came together with taking this photo …. and gone the red fox was.


Meeting wild boar again.

Although I often see the traces of wild boar, I rarely come across them. This group consisted of about 20 wild boars, including young. I always keep an appropriate distance.

First roe deer calf of this year spotted.

I was spying on a roe deer in the hope that it would come my way to photograph it. I looked to the right and saw a roe deer coming by with a calf. Fortunately, they did not see me. Despite the distance a nice picture.
The other roe deer that I spotted first decided to go another direction. Last year I saw roe deer calf but not as young as this one.